Seamless Flooring Systems, Inc. is a New Jersey based enterprise that services the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond with over thirty years experience in the Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Institutional Industries, servicing both large corporations and family owned businesses.

Seamless Flooring is certified by numerous manufacturers for the application and installation of Decorative and Industrial Resinous Flooring, Mechanical Room and Parking Deck Coatings, Hygienic Wall Systems, Recycled Vinyl Flooring, VCT & Sheet Vinyl.



Resinous Flooring

We specialize in Epoxy Flooring & Wall Systems, Urethane Cement Systems, Methyl-Methacrylates, Waterproofing Systems & Moisture Remediation.

We are certified installers of Dex-O-Tex as well as Flowcrete Star Contractors, Sika Key Applicators & Elite Installers for ResDev

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Resilient Flooring

We specialize in numerous types of Resilient Flooring including, but not limited to Recycled Vinyl Flooring, Hygienic Wall Panels, Sheet Vinyl, VCT, Carpet Tile, Sports Surfaces & Cementious Underlayments.

We are certified installers of Altro Floor & Wall Systems, Armstrong & Protect-All as well as Forbo Master Mechanics.

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